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Growing up we all did amazingly embarrassing things for money (Yes you did, shut up). I myself worked at a pet store throughout my sophomore and junior years of high school, that’s not the embarrassing part. There is nothing wrong with counting fancy feast coupons at the register for a little pocket change. There is something wrong with the things that go on behind the scenes though.

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Jamie Baller
couldn't really find what i wanted but there seems to be a lot to choose from here for cat food coupons. maybe i'll try something different this time.
David F
There's some great coupons here. My wife and I have tried out several and they've been great to have.

Every job has its on funny and shady stories, I have worked in retail, corporate offices, and banks, it never fails. This pet store was an entirely different kind of beast though. Seriously, who had the bright idea of placing a bunch of teenagers in a lightly supervised setting with an assortment of animal food (fancy feast coupons!) and supplies, and most important – actual animals!

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When we got our paychecks (two hundred dollars every two weeks – cheap jerks) we would place bets on dares to make extra money. For instance there was this guy I worked with called “Ferret Mike” , he was given this wonderful name because he once stuck a ferret’s head in his mouth and got forty dollars for doing so. The man was a living legend.

I had never been dared in m entire year of working there, until April 19th 2005 (They day the changed everything). Everyone had gotten their checks and it was dare time, and we were looking around the room and suddenly someone says, “Zach has never done a dare” (The end was near for me). Everyone proceeds to deliberate amongst themselves as to my fate. They come back and tell me my dare is to eat fancy feast cat food. I immediately refuse, until I hear that there is one hundred dollars in it for me if I get it done.

At sixteen I wasn’t going to turn down a chance at one hundred dollars. So I picked up the cat food and took the can to the face. Two seconds later I was barfing all over the cutest girl in the store.

Twelve months later I couldn’t stand the sight of fancy feast coupons and I no longer could take the ridicule at work of throwing up on the cute girl. But all was not lost; I still had my crisp hundred dollar bill. That my friends is what you call a win.